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The second call for projects for 2025 AESIM Schools is open. The project proposals must be submitted online by October 31st, 2024.

Please read carefully the following rules:

  1. Schools. AESIM Schools must be at least a week long (5 day of classes) but 2-weeks schools will have preference. These schools are usually of Master's or final year of Bachelor Degree level, and are intended for students living in countries where they stand and from neighboring countries. More advanced, very specific, or very technical research schools are not suitable. The idea is to reach a broad audience of students. Besides the courses, it is strongly advised to schedule training, exercises, and lab sessions, as a complement to the theoretical subjects.
  2. Eligible countries. These are the countries in the IMU list of developing countries, in the geographical area covered by AESIM. Host countries with priority 1,2 or 3 in this list are particularly welcome. Here is a precise list:
    • Priority 1: Afghanistan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Yemen.
    • Priority 2: Bangladesh, India, Iran, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, West Bank and Gaza.
    • Priority 3: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Moldavia, North Macedonia, Turkmenistan.
    • Priority 4: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey.
    • Priority 5: Bulgaria, China, Russian Federation. Note that schools cannot be located in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan.
    • Priority 6: Romania.
    Applications coming from countries of Priority 4, 5 and 6 must explain clearly what measures they are going to take to integrate participants from low-priority countries.
  3. CIMPA Support. CIMPA will support the selected schools according to the following rules:
    • 1 week long schools: between 3000 euros and 5000 euros.
    • 2 weeks long schools: between 4000 euros and 7000 euros.
  4. Guidelines. Once the projects of schools are approved by the AESIM Committee, CIMPA studies them to confirm its partnership and decides the exact financial support that will be provided to each school. CIMPA funding covers the travel and living expenses of participants. Most often lecturers come from neighboring countries and CIMPA is not represented. CIMPA support is conditioned by the "CIMPA Support Guidelines Conditions for Schools in Partnership": please, read carefully these Guidelines. In particular, take into account that to promote diversity of the lecturers, CIMPA can pay up to 1000 euros for the travel and/or living expenses of one speaker who has never been involved in any activity sponsored by CIMPA before and who will provide at least 6 hours of pedagogical activities. This demand shall be explicitly made by the organizers if their school is selected by writing a request to with the name and email of the speaker. This amount is in addition to the initial amount awarded for the school.
  5. Gender Balance. Regarding gender balance, a minimum of 30% of men and women is required in the scientific and organization committees and among the lecturers. If this minimum cannot be reached, the organizers must justify the reasons.
  6. Submission of proposals. To submit a proposal, fill out the application form and send to a pdf of your application.