Christophe Ritzenthaler

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These are some of the Master lectures I gave either during my regular teaching classes at my university or during summer schools or invitations.
  1. Lectures on effective aspects of algebraic curves.
  2. Cours de cryptographie à Monastir : introduction à la complexité; cours de cryptographie; TDs de cryptographie; TP sage et solutions.
  3. Introduction to elliptic curves and cryptography: introduction lectures for second year crypto Master with exercices and corrections (some of the exercises are in SAGE).
  4. Lecture in algorithmic number theory: lattices with exercises and tutorials in Sage with solutions.
  5. Point counting for elliptic curves (2009) : lectures in Madrid : SEA and AGM methods for point counting.
  6. Introduction to cryptography (2007) : lecture at first year of Master in Luminy.
  7. AGM for genus 1 curves, (2005) : lectures at DTU (Copenhague), including an introduction on p-adics, elliptic curves over finite fields and complex field.
  8. Curves over finite fields, (2004) : lectures at l'Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona).
These are some materials for the preparation to the national exam Agrégation externe to become teacher (in French). This is the oral option C.
  1. Algèbre linéaire cours;
  2. Codes correcteurs cours, TD, TP;
  3. Complexité cours, TP;
  4. Corps finis cours, TP;
  5. Interpolation cours, TP;
  6. Localisation des racines cours;
  7. Résultant cours, TP;
  8. Intrduction à Sage TP.
This are some materials of undergraduate courses or tutorials (in French).
  1. Exercices en théorie de l'information avec TP en Sage (2013 -incomplet):
    1. TD1, TP1 (codage, arbre de Huffman, 1er théorème de Shannon);
    2. TD2, TP2 (deuxième théorème de Shannon, début des codes);
    3. TD3, TP3 (codes linéaires (suite));
    4. TD4, TP4 (un chiffrement par substitution).
Some popularization activities.
  1. a 5mn talk on my favorite maths puzzle;
  2. a tribute to the work of Claude Shannon on coding theory;
  3. a 5mn talk to present CIMPA activities;
  4. a treasure hunt video that I realized with AIMS and CIMPA for Pi day 2021;
  5. an interview of Jean-Pierre Serre in the framework of the conference "Curves over Finite Fields: past, present and future".